Commercial Photo Gallery

Office Mold

This is a law office that found some mold in their basement.  This picture shows how SERVPRO of Greenwich contains the affected area, allowing business to continue around the issue, all while making it a safe environment to do so.

Emergency Ready Plan

One of the preventative services that we provide is known as our Emergency Ready Profile.  One of our skilled technicians takes note of all important utilities and controls in the building, such as water, sprinkler, gas, etc.  Then, we compile all the information into a report that gets delivered to you, and even given to first responders. This program ensures that in the event of an emergency, everyone can respond in a timely and effective manner.

Polo Club Event

Andrew (far right) and Dodi (middle) enjoying the sun with some of our friends and partners at the Greenwich Polo Club this summer.  The polo club is always a great time for us, as well as our guests.

Fire House Opening

Dodi Millette, one of our best marketing representatives, poses here with her husband at the Grand Opening of a fire department in Greenwich, CT.  We love to show our appreciation for all the fire departments in the area.

SERVPRO at the Zoo

One of our summer interns, Dakota, hands out gift bags to passers-by at the Beardsley Zoo.  Parents and children alike enjoy the sunshine and goodies.  The Beardsley Zoo is a proud corporate partner of SERVPRO.

Plumber Appreciation

One of our managers, Ken Liptak, talks with plumbers and other skilled workers over coffee and doughnuts. We like to give back to these people as a show of appreciation for all the hard work that they do.